i'm isaac ⚲ eighteen and black

feel free to invite me to your goth rave.

hi- if you are interested in talking to me, please be aware my special interest throughout my life has been morbidity and the horror genre. if you are very sensitive to horror/scary content, it's something that will likely come up in conversation but i can try my best to avoid it.

i hate lolicon/shotacons and "proship" discourse. do not talk to me if you're into any of that. it makes me uncomfortable.

also my tone can be very difficult to read if you do not know me well. i enjoy conversations but may miss obvious cues. it'd be ideal if you told me if i crossed a line.

discord is my ideal way to talk and it's the only social media app on my phone. dms are fine too though- they might elicit slightly slower responses if i am out and about however.

this is my interests hell. this doesn't include everything of course.

my biggest interests are the gaming industry, horror, media analysis, and my stories. i will talk about them forever.

i also enjoy web development, urban exploration, the collapse of the USSR, coding, snakes, mycology and other things. i will also talk about these forever if the other person is more knowledgeable despite my knowledge being limited.

media wise my favorite things i've consumed (or am in the process of consuming) are Hello Charlotte, Serial Experiments Lain, Disco Elysium, OFF, Fallout, When They Cry, My Solo Exchange Diary, and Dorohedoro

music wise i listen to pretty much everything, but i am a big fan of breakcore and folk. i like machine girl, death grips, múm, 2000s pop, etcetera. i also love to meet musicians and listen to their stuff. my last.fm is a mess.

feel free to recommend me anything. i like horror and it's subgenres a lot but i consume other things as well.